V2X Applications

Savari’s hardware product families and software stack enable a range of V2X applications, which are displayed on the car’s infotainment platform or on the driver’s tablet or smartphone.

Our goal is to eliminate traffic-related fatalities by deploying the following life-saving V2X applications in new model cars and in the aftermarket. All software parameters can be fine-tuned according to the OEM’s preferences.

V2V Apps
Savari’s V2V apps include Electronic Emergency Brake Light (EEBL), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Blind Spot Warning (BSW), Lane Change Warning (LCW), Intersection Movement Assist (IMA), Do Not Pass Warning (DNPW) and Left Turn Assist (LTA).

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V2I Apps
Savari’s V2I apps include Curve Speed Warning (CSW), Work Zone Warning (WZW) and In-Vehicle Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT).

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V2P Apps
Savari’s V2P apps make pedestrians and bicyclists active participants within the V2X landscape, especially in a Smart City scenario. The pedestrian and bicyclist are connected to vehicles and traffic lights through smartphones. Savari features two applications today:

  1. Savari alerts drivers at intersections of an approaching and distracted pedestrian violating the do-not-cross signs or crossing the road where he is not supposed to. The alert displays on the car’s infotainment dashboard or the driver’s tablet or smartphone, providing the driver with life-saving reaction time.
  2. Savari integrates with the USDOT built SmartCross, an app that interfaces with traffic signal systems and receives information about the pedestrian signal.

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