Savari’s Vehicle-to-Phone (V2P) applications aim to make pedestrians and bicyclists active participants in the V2X landscape, especially in a Smart City scenario. Pedestrians and bicyclists are connected to vehicles and traffic lights through their smartphones.

Savari offers two V2P apps today:

Savari alerts the driver of a vehicle at the intersection of an approaching and distracted pedestrian who is violating the do-not-cross signs or crossing the road where he is not supposed to. The alert displays in a car’s infotainment dashboard or on the driver’s tablet or smartphone, providing the driver with life-saving reaction time.

Savari integrates with the USDOT-built SmartCross, an app that interfaces with traffic signal systems and receives information about the pedestrian signal. Picking up signals between the pedestrian’s phone and the nearest traffic signal box, the app sends an alert to notify pedestrians when they have the signal to cross. In addition, the app enables users to request the pedestrian signal.


The graphic above indicates the SmartCross Ecosystem, which is SAE J2735 compliant and compatible with CVRIA architecture. The Road-Side-Unit (RSU) is linked to the traffic light.

Smartphones can use cellular or, in the future, DSRC, while the system architecture does not change.