October 6
Savari leverages AWS Wavelength to make roads safer and more predictable

August 24
Savari MobiWAVE On-Board-Unit earns OmniAir Certification

June 2
Accedian, New Context, and Savari, Provide Assured and Secured Communications Foundation for Next Generation of Smart Infrastructure 

April 22
Accedian and Savari Partner to Deliver Quality Assurance for Cellular V2X Services
for Auto OEMs, Cross-Carrier Mobile Operators, Road Owners and Fleet Providers

April 22
Savari and Solace announce a strategic partnership to jointly enable seamless transition across cloud and edge computing, for Automotive OEMs, Mobile Operators, Tower Operators, and Road Operators.

March 26
MobiledgeX and Savari Partner to Bring C-V2X to the Mobile Edge —For Public Sector, Cross-Border, Cross-Carrier, 5G MEC Fleet Management

March 10
Qualcomm Announces Significant Progress Toward Commercial Introduction of C-V2X in Europe — Multiple Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) products achieved RED certificationdownload/view PDF

January 7
INTEGRITY Security Services Misbehavior Authority Service (MAS) Completes Operational Testing — Successful operational testing of the ISS Misbehavior Authority Service (MAS) with its partners Noblis, Qualcomm, Savari and Siemens Mobility at the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

January 7
Savari Announces First Real-World Deployment of Its SmartCross V2P Mobile App and Software Stack for NYC Connected Vehicle Project — Savari today announced that the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) will deploy the Savari SmartCross Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P) solution as part of its NYC Connected Vehicle Project – For Safer Transportation.

January 6
Two Leading Global Automotive Manufacturers Commit to Implement Savari V2X Software in 2020 — Savari’s V2X Software Stack to Enable 1 in 3 Vehicles in the U.S. and 1 in 7 Vehicles Worldwide

January 6
Savari Announces RED Certification of its MobiWAVE® OBU and StreetWAVE® RSU — New OBU and RSU products feature Qualcomm® 9150 C-V2X Platform to navigate complex EU Radio Emissions Directive


October 23
Qualcomm Joins Forces with Over 30 Leading Automotive Companies in China — Leading Automotive Manufacturers and Communication Solution Providers Conduct Interoperability Demonstration with Safety Platforms to Show Readiness, Paving the Way for C-V2X Commercial Rollouts in China in 2020

August 23
Rohde & Schwarz collaborates with Vector, Savari and Quectel to present a C-V2X solution supporting China’s ITS standard

April 17
Winning the Car Alliance to Launch the V2X Ecosystem — At the Shanghai Auto Show, the V2X Ecosphere Strategic Alliance was initiated by Junsheng Automobile Federation. — 本届上海车展上,均胜车联发起的V2X生态圈战略联盟正源自于汽车行业对车联网发展的自发需求。

February 26
C-V2X cars hit the streets on select roads in the U.S. and Europe — C-V2X keeps gaining momentum and making news in 2019, which started during CES in Las Vegas and then during MWC in Barcelona.

February 24
Savari Announces Collaboration with Rohde & Schwarz in C-V2X Testing at MWC Barcelona — V2X Technology Leader Savari to Support Advanced C-V2X System Testing

January 7
Savari Announces Continued Worldwide Leadership in C-V2X Technology — Silicon Valley-based Auto Tech Leader Enters 2019 with Accelerated Momentum


November 7
Savari debuts Live C-V2X Demonstration at SAE-China Congress & Exhibition — Industry leading MobiWAVE™ V2X software is handling the Cellular V2X link for live demonstrations of LTE Vehicle-to-Everything (LTE-V2X) during the SAE-China Congress & Exhibition (SAECCE) event in Shanghai.

Savari在中国汽车工程学会年会暨展览会现场演示C-V2X — 总部位于硅谷的汽车技术公司Savari, Inc.今天宣布,在上海举行的中国汽车工程学会年会暨展览会(SAECCE)期间,该公司行业领先的MobiWAVE™ V2X软件正在处理Cellular V2X链接,以现场演示LTE Vehicle-to-Everything (LTE-V2X)。

November 6

SAECCE Press Release — 世界首例V2X“三跨”互联互通应用展示成功举办

General Motors Press Release — 通用汽车参与首例跨行业蜂窝车联网通信(C-V2X)展示

General Motors Corporate Newsroom — GM Joins First Multi-Industry Cellular-V2X Demonstration

November 5
Qualcomm Press Release — Qualcomm Joins Forces with Leading Automotive Companies in China to Showcase Interoperability of LTE-V2X Direct Communication

July 11
5GAA, BMW Group, Ford and Groupe PSA Exhibit First European Demonstration of C-V2X Direct Communication Interoperability Between Multiple Automakers — Companies team up with Qualcomm and Savari to showcase C-V2X’s advanced performance for safety, traffic efficiency and autonomyVIDEO

June 4
Savari Adds C-V2X to Roadside Units for the U.S. — V2X technology leader plans development of its first RSU equipped with both DSRC and Cellular-V2X radio technologies to future-proof smart city infrastructure deployments

April 24
Savari Completes Series B Financing,
Extends Global Leadership in Cellular V2X — Leader in V2X Connected Car Technology Secures Round Led by Aviva Ventures,
with SAIC Capital and Flex, to Expand Global Footprint and Deliver Safety Features
 For Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

January 8
Savari Joins Forces with Qualcomm to Support Cellular-V2X Platform for Enhanced Road Safety and Future Autonomous Driving — Technology Leaders Combine Advanced Hardware and Software Solutions to Pave the Way for Cellular V2X Commercialization


October 31
Savari Named to ITS World Congress Hall of Fame — Intelligent Transportation System Award Recognizes Savari as a Leader of V2X Communications Technology

May 15
Savari Joins 5GAA to Accelerate Cellular-V2X Market — Cellular-V2X technology significantly expands the number of vehicles that benefit from V2X safety data to improve roadside safety and efficiency

March 16
Econolite Group and Savari Finalize Partnership Agreement — Partnership to accelerate deployment of advanced vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems in support of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities

March 14
Flex and Savari – Driving to Advance Global Transportation Safety with Connected Car and Smart City Solutions — Collaborating to develop connected car and #V2X hardware, software, and connectivity solution

January 22
Savari Selected as Major V2X Technology Provider for USDOT’s Connected Vehicle Roll-Out in Tampa, Florida — Tampa Seeks to Enhance Driver and Pedestrian Safety and Reduce Traffic Congestion By Deploying Savari’s Innovative Connected Car Technology

January 5
Savari to Demo V2X Technology and Safety Apps at CES 2017 — Leading V2X Communications Provider for Self-Driving Cars and Highly Autonomous Vehicles Takes to the Road

January 3
Microsoft, NXP Semiconductors, IAV and Auto Mobility Partners Showcase Innovations for Safe, Secure, and Personalized Automated Driving at CES® 2017


October 25
Savari and SAIC Motors Partner to Bring Self-Driving Car Technology to China — Leading V2X Communications Provider Signs Distribution and Manufacturing Agreement with Largest Chinese Car Company

October 13
Econolite Group and Savari Partner to Accelerate Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies Deployment — Advanced vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) safety systems enable vehicles to communicate with traffic signals and other smart roadside equipment

September 27
Savari Taps Automotive and Electronics Industry Veteran to Lead its Worldwide Sales and Marketing — V2X Communication Technology Leader Adds to its Team to Drive Momentum around Connected, Self-Driving Cars and Smart Cities

August 30
Savari Expands European Operations to Meet Growing Demand for V2X Initiatives — V2X Technology Leader Opens Offices and Hires Leadership Team in Germany, Joined CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium

June 13
Savari Launches Next-Gen V2X Solutions to Accelerate Adoption of Safety Apps in Connected and Self-driving Cars — Higher Performance, Hardware Security, Automotive-Grade OBUs and Higher Performance, Compact and Ruggedized RSUs

June 6
Savari and Security Innovation Partner to Bring the Most Secure V2X Solutions to the Market — Strong Cybersecurity is Crucial for Life-Saving V2X Communications

June 6
TTI Launches Smart Intersection Initiative at Texas A&M’s new RELLIS campus

June 6
Savari to Showcase V2X Safety Communications Solutions at TU-Automotive Detroit

April 26
Savari and Autotalks Partner to Provide V2X Solutions for United States Connected Vehicle Pilots in Smart Cities — Companies to Deliver Comprehensive Solutions for Participants in USDOT Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployments in New York City, Tampa and Wyoming

March 29
Nissan, Savari, UC Berkeley and the City of Sunnyvale Announce Real-World V2X Testbed — Smart City Initiatives Deliver Innovative Solutions for Easing Traffic Congestion, Enhancing Emissions and Public Safety

January 28
Savari Receives $8 Million in Series A Funding — Leader in V2X communication technology accelerates to market its sensor technologies and software connected cars and smart cities