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November 12 – Fierce Wireless
Verizon, AWS use mmWave spectrum to test autonomous driving apps

November 11 – Verizon Business Solutions
Verizon and AWS expand mobile edge computing platform to Dallas and Miami

November 11 – Light Reading
Connected car vendors begin testing Verizon’s 5G Edge

April 24 – The Fast Mode
Accedian, Savari Partner to Deliver Quality Assurance for Cellular V2X

April 23, Telematics News
Accedian and Savari partner to deliver quality assurance for cellular V2X services for auto OEMs

April 23 – Green Car Congress
Accedian, Savari Partner to Deliver Quality Assurance for Cellular V2X

April 23 – Telecom Drive
Accedian, Savari Partner to Deliver Quality Assurance for Cellular V2X

April 22 – Safe Car News
Solace and Savari partner to jointly enable seamless transition across cloud and edge computing.

April 1 –
MobiledgeX lassoes Savari and Stratacache as new partners for edge applications — For its part, MobiledgeX expects the partnership to help it clear fundamental edge-orchestration hurdles that are slowing wide use of cellular V2X technology.

March 27 – Green Car Congress
MobiledgeX and Savari partner on C-V2X — MobiledgeX and Savari announced a strategic partnership jointly to enable enhanced Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) use cases for automotive OEMs, their fleet management, and mobility-as-a-service partners.

March 27 – Autonomous Vehicle Technology
MobiledgeX and Savari partner to bring C-V2X to the mobile edge

March 27 – Telematics News
MobiledgeX and Savari partner to bring C-V2X to the Mobile Edge — Public cloud services present a series of governance, risk, and compliance challenges to governments seeking greater assurance in QoS orchestration at the edge, for purposes such as automotive OEMs advancing the deployment of semi-autonomous and autonomous fleets

March 27 – AIT News Desk
MobiledgeX and Savari Partner to Bring C-V2X to the Mobile Edge — “MobiledgeX’s collaboration with GSMA, brings us one step closer to our core 5GAA mission of making roads safer and smarter in a cost-effective manner.”

March 27 – The Fast Mode
MobiledgeX, Savari Partner to Enable Enhanced Cellular V2X Use Cases — Savari and MobiledgeX believe that they can address the V2X and V2G market needs in the European Union (EU) in 2020.

March 26 – Embedded Computing Design
MobiledgeX and Savari Partner to Bring C-V2X to the Mobile Edge — MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud within operator and enterprise networks allows this partnership with Savari to enable deployment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) solutions with associated QoS.

March 13 — Everything RF
Multiple C-V2X Products Based on Qualcomm Chipsets Receive RED Certification for Operation in Europe

March 10 – Trusted Reviews
Self-driving cars just got a big step closer in Europe — A batch of key self-driving car-enabling products have now passed tests to meet European guidelines, Qualcomm has announced.

January 22 – ITS International
New York trials Savari’s V2P app — The New York City Department of Transportation (DoT) is trialling Savari’s SmartCross Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) app in the NYC Connected Vehicle Project – For Safer Transportation.

January 16 – Traffic Technology Today
V2P app gets first real-world deployment in New York CV project — The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) will deploy the Savari SmartCross V2P solution as part of its NYC Connected Vehicle Project – For Safer Transportation.

January 11 – PULSE 2.0
Savari Deploys SmartCross V2P Mobile App For NYC Connected Vehicle Project

January 8 – Green Car Congress
Savari announces first real-world deployment of SmartCross V2P mobile app and software stack for NYC Connected Vehicle Project

January 8 – Traffic Technology Today
Global automakers to implement Savari’s V2X software — Savari notes that together, these automotive OEMs account for more than 30% of the USA market share and roughly 15% of the global market share for automotive sales in 2019.

January 8 – Ars Technica
This tech could mean your phone stops you from getting killed by a car — Savari announced at CES this week that its SmartCross V2P system is going to be deployed by the New York City Department of Transportation as part of that city’s Vision Zero.

January 8 – GCN
Public sector accelerates vehicle automation — Smarter intersections — As part of its Connected Vehicle Project, New York City’s Department of Transportation will deploy Savari’s SmartCross, which helps people with impairments cross streets more safely.


December 16 – LinkedIn
FCC’s NPRM on V2X – How it is being misinterpreted by the majority stakeholders

December 11 – ETSI
The first ETSI C-V2X Plugtests performed in partnership with 5GAA — First ETSI C-V2X interoperability event: success rate of 95% achieved

September 18 – KPMG – Flex Automotive Summit 2019
VIDEO: Ravi Puvvala, CEO of Savari, shares his perspective on the opportunity for start-up companies in the autonomous vehicles space.

September 16 – Cleantech Group
If Cars Could Talk — Intelligent Traffic Systems and V2X Communication – In the context of transportation, this trend will enable the widespread adoption of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) and support the development of Level 5 autonomous vehicles.

August 29 – Autonomous Vehicle Technology
C-V2X solution supports China’s ITS standard

August 23 – eeNews Europe
Integrated C-V2X solution supports China’s ITS standard — Rohde & Schwarz working together with Vector, Savari and Quectel presented a test solution for C-V2X at the MWC Shanghai 2019.

June 24 – Frost & Sullivan
Advanced Vehicle Communications Solutions to Enhance Safety of Vulnerable Road Users — V2P communication solutions critical for increasingly complex, multimodal traffic environments

June 11 – Electronic Products
5G reinvigorates connected cars, autonomous driving — The cellular V2X technology aided by 5G networks is all set to raise the game for vehicle connectivity while it complements ADAS sensors and self-driving features

May 24 – Green Car Congress
5GAA hosts C-V2X connected vehicle demo in Berlin

May 23 – 5GAA
5GAA live demo event in Berlin

April 29 – RIDEPLAY tv

April 17 – Telematics News
5GAA C-V2X testing event in Europe

April 16 – Electronic Specifier Automotive
C-V2X technology safety readiness at SAE World Congress Experience

April 15 – 5GAA
5GAA C-V2X testing event in Europe successfully demonstrates exceptional level of interoperability

April 15 – Embedded Computing Design
5GAA Launches C-V2X Technology at SAE World Congress Experience

March 5 – All About Circuits
Is C-V2X Overtaking DSRC in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications?

February 26 – Automotive Testing Technology International
Savari and Rohde & Schwarz to collaborate on C-V2X testing

February 25 – Auto Connected Car News
MWC2019 Automotive Announcements: Qualcomm, Linker, Savari

February 7 – Viodi
DSRC vs C-V2X and More – Spectrum Is the Goldmine

January 14 – Forbes
CES For The Auto Industry: Digital Technologies To Steer Your Car Into An Immersive Experience

January 9 – The Peggy Smedley Show
Live from CES 2019 – Ravi Puvvala

January 8 – Anonymous Vehicle Technology
Savari presents advancements in C-V2X technology

January 8 – 5GAA
5G Automotive Association at CES 2019: Highlighting connected mobility through 5G


November 20 – FOX 28
Savari Products featured in pics and video: New “Motor City” in Marysville? Vehicle technology being tested in the city

November 6 – Markets Insider
Savari debuts Live C-V2X Demonstration at SAECCE

November 3 – China Car

September 26 – Automotive World
This is how we roll: Savari and Wind River collaborate on connected vehicles

September 25 – Wind River Blog Network
This is how we roll: Savari and Wind River collaborate on connected vehicles

August 16 – Traffic Technology Today
Panasonic, Qualcomm and Ford demonstrate real-world application of C-V2X in Colorado

August 15 – Auto Connected Car News
V2X & C-V2X V2I Demoed by Panasonic, CDOT, Ford, Qualcomm — Other partners included Kapsch, Ficosa and Savari – VIDEO

August 5 – Automotive News
A living laboratory for connected cars

August 2 – Traffic Technology Today
The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) and its three Connected Vehicle Pilot sites have successfully completed three days of testing to establish whether equipment from six participating vendors was fully interoperable.

July 16 – Auto Motor and Sport
VERNETZUNG – C-V2X EUROPAPREMIERE — Wie Autos sprechen und mit wem — VIDEO

July 12 – Hanser Automotive
C-V2X-Kommunikation zwischen mehreren Automobilherstellern demonstriert — Die 5G Automotive Association (5GAA), BMW Group, Ford Motor Company und Groupe PSA haben zusammen mit Qualcomm Technologies und Savari eine Live-Demonstration der C-V2X-Direktkommunikationstechnologie für Fahrzeuge verschiedener Automobilhersteller gezeigt.

July 11 – Automotive IT
C-V2X demos incorporate motorcycles, vehicles and infrastructure, communications between carmakers — Two demonstrations have been carried out marking advances in C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything) technology.

July 10 – Automotive IT
Véhicules connectés : davantage de communication pour des routes plus sûres — Vidéo – Étape important dans le développement du véhicule connecté et autonome, la 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) a réalisé la première démonstration européenne de communication directe entre plusieurs constructeurs automobiles.

June 12 – Smart Highways
Savari adds C-V2X to US roadside units

May 15 – The Peninsula
Company’s smart-vehicle technology improves safety — Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology company Savari’s real-time data sharing between vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians may improve safety, energy, and efficiency, the company said.

April 29 – Jefferies
Jefferies Mobility Technology Weekly — Safer Automated Driving, by Ravi Puvvala, Founder & CEO

March 25 – Salon
Smart cities need smart cars: In the future, your car will be able to “see” through buildings — Thanks to V2X technology, connected cars will soon be able to tell you what lies way ahead or around the corner

February 23 – Autonomous Vehicle Technology
Qualcomm and global automakers drive commercialization of C-V2X

January 18  – China Daily
Auto industry’s global footprint brings business opportunities — Puvvala said China’s SAIC Motor Corp Ltd has been an investor for nearly three years… “They have been a great partner for us. They have helped to take our technology from the US to China and allowed us to build an eco-system of partners in China.”

January 11 – Qualcomm OnQ Blog
C-V2X: Qualcomm shows the future of transportation at CES 2018 — Savari announced that they are working with Qualcomm and providing key software components for C-V2X modules to deliver a comprehensive C-V2X solution using the Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X chipset.

January 9 – Auto Connected Car News
Savari Working with Qualcomm for Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) — As part of the working relationship, Savari provides key software components for C-V2X modules featuring the Qualcomm® 9150 C-V2X chipset.


December 1 – FLEX Intelligence Magazine
Cities of The Future — Urban landscapes will have to evolve physically and technologically as city dwellers grow in number. Here we scope out what the city of the future might look like.

November 13 –
Tampa offers first demo of its connected vehicle technology project, launching with 1,600 cars in 2018

August 19 – Robb Report Singapore
Savari Brings Us One Step Closer to TRUE Autonomous Driving Savari builds vehicle-to-X solutions, the technology that allows vehicles and transport infrastructure (for example, traffic lights) to talk to each other. Or to put it simply, the building blocks of a driverless future.

Ravi Puvvala’s Outstanding Plans For Savari

Chatty cars can solve traffic woes — Self driving and autonomous cars have been a big obsession of tech world in the past few years. Top tech companies are investing billions into technologies that can make this a possibility.

Savari works to bring 5G to connected cars — In these early days of smart cities and connected cars, Savari has emerged as a V2X (that’s vehicle-to-everything) innovator. Now it’s joined the 5G Automotive Association to bring cellular communications to connected cars.

V2X Pits Safety v. Spectrum — The United States has a chance to make history in traffic safety through a proposed rule to mandate vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication on light vehicles, a regulation that would govern cars that can “talk” to each other to avoid crashes.

These 7 startups will help shape tomorrow’s transportation landscape — It’s not Superman – it’s a car with X-ray vision. Savari facilitates V2X, or Vehicle-to-everything communication technology, a 360-degree sensor that allows cars to see through buildings and communicate with other cars.

March 28 – EE Times
Uber Crash Exposes V2X Politics — If both vehicles — Ford and (Uber) Volvo — had some form of V2V technology, would the outcome have been different?

March 26 – SALON
Smart cities need smart cars: In the future, your car will be able to “see” through buildings — Thanks to V2X technology, connected cars will soon be able to tell you what lies way ahead or around the corner

March 18 – VentureBeat
How V2X technology will change how you drive

January 22 – TechCrunch
V2X tech makes Tampa commutes safer, faster, less confusing

January 13 – EE Times
Biggest Robo-Car Roadblock Is Human — CES 2017 Automotive Recap

January 11 – eWeek
On the Trail of Autonomous Cars at CES 2017 — Promising autonomous vehicle technology was everywhere you looked at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, but sorting out which promises might actually be fulfilled took some exploring.

January 11 – Embedded Computing
CES 2017: V2X envelopes CES with help from AT&T, Delphi, Savari

January 10 – VentureBeat
The crazy, scary, wonderful future of connected cars

January 9 – Electronic Design
Car Technology Drives CES 2017 — From self-driving cars to vehicle-to-X (V2X) connectivity, automotive technology is big at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

January 5 – HowStuffWorks
Car Sensors Are Getting Pretty Darned Advanced

January 5 – NBC News 3 Las Vegas
CES: Cars that communicate with each other could save lives

January 5 – The Motley Fool
NXP Semiconductors, NV Shows Off Its Automotive Computing Muscle At CES 2017 — The chip designer has all the tools needed to make your daily commute much safer. This week, NXP is shouting that message from a worldwide stage.

January 4 – Consumer Reports
How Cars That Talk to Roadways, Traffic Signals Can Help Drivers — At this year’s CES, we get a peek at the newest ways autos communicate wirelessly.

January 4 – RegistrarDaily
Global Automotive Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Communications Market — V2X Communications market report covers forecast and analysis — Volkswagen, Savari Inc, Qualcomm, Kapsch TrafficCom

January 1 – Auto Connected Car News
Guide to top autonomous and connected car demos/displays at CES: from auto to tech suppliers — Savari, NXP & AT&T LTE V2X Demos


December 15 – Electronic Design
Proposed Safety Rules Would Require Cars to Talk to Each Other — A rule proposed by the Department of Transportation on Tuesday signaled that officials intend for cars not only to see but also to talk with each other wirelessly.

December 14 – Ars Technica
Vehicle-to-vehicle communication rule finally proposed by the government — V2V could save many lives, but are we locking into an obsolete protocol?

December 13 – Auto Connected Car News
V2V Vehicle-to-Vehicle DSRC US DOT rules supported by auto industry — Suppliers of V2V infrastructure and automakers are pleased with the proposal.

October 25 – EE Times
V2X Radio War Still Smoldering in China, Europe — Connected car radio: LTE vs. 802.11p

November 29 – CNET
Podcast: Farsighted looks toward a safe self-driving world and the very unsafe Westworld — The crew hears from an expert building the autonomous future

October 10 – ITS Dailynews
Partnership announced between Econolite and Savari — Econolite Group has used the ITS World Congress Melbourne to announce it has entered into negotiations with Savari to form a partnership to accelerate the deployment of connected and automated vehicle technologies and solutions. The partners will focus on vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) safety applications.

August 13 – Equities
These Transportation Startups are Driving the Auto Revolution — We stand on the verge of positively explosive change with regards to almost every aspect of the process. From self-driving vehicles to electric engines, every aspect of the car is currently getting a new approach.

August 5 – PAVING PRO
SmartWorkzone Increases Driver Communication in Work Zones — Transporting material to and from the work zone isn’t our only transportation-related concern. We also need to worry about how traffic is getting through our work zones. SmartWorkzone, developed by Savari Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., aims to make these questions clearer for drivers traveling through work zones.

July 30 – TheStreet
Big Automakers Aren’t the Only Ones Keeping Hackers Out of Your Car — Connected cars are on the rise, and experts say drivers want their cars protected from hacktivists before it’s too late.

July 19 – The Peggy Smedley Show
Life-Saving Vehicle Tech – Episode 462, Segment 4 — Paul Sakamoto, COO, Savari, explains the company’s mission is to save lives with its V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communications technology. He says the technology is ready for final product integration and could be seen in vehicles as soon as 2017.

Demo Video: NYCDOT Unveils New ‘Connected Car’ Technology in Queens — Thousands of city vehicles will “smarten up” this year after the NYCDOT rolls out a pilot program of new connected vehicle technology.

June 28 – Automotive IT News
The Future of Connected Car Vehicle-to-Everything with Savari, Inc. — Ravi Puvvala, CEO of Savari talked to Automotive IT News about the future of smart cities and connected cars using V2X.

June 13 – AUTO Connected Car News
Savari Intros MoviWave OBUs, StreetWave RSUs & V2X middleware — Savari Inc. announced its next generation of MobiWAVE On-Board Units.

June 8 – Qualcomm OnQ Blog
The new chassis is a computer —  Qualcomm Technologies helps companies showcase connectivity platforms at TU-Automotive Detroit

June 8 – The Security Ledger
Attacks or No, Security Firms Race to Connected Vehicle Market — Cyber attacks on automobiles are all-but-unknown, but that isn’t stopping a slew of established technology firms and venture-funded start-ups from betting that security tools that make connected vehicles safe from hacking is the market to be in.

June 8 – GPS World
Savari Demos V2X Safety Communications Solutions at TU-Automotive Detroit — Savari’s and Qualcomm’s V2X technology delivers superior reliability compared to other solutions, eliminating the need for cameras that require line of sight, and ensuring lane level accuracy up to 0.6 mile/1 kilometer of communication range. These capabilities make V2X suitable for future transportation initiatives, including self-driving cars.

June 8 – Android Central
Qualcomm announces its automotive platform to make vehicles smarter — Qualcomm has announced the Connected Car Reference Platform, which is set to help push adoption of more advanced technology in next-generation vehicles. The company’s latest platform will incorporate technologies including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications.

June 7 – AUTO Connected Car News
For TU-Automotive Detroit we have new announcements and/or demos…Savari hosted by Qualcomm is demonstrating its full suite of solutions with a live demo that simulates real-life automotive traffic scenarios and how in-car V2X applications make driving safer and more efficient.

June 6 – Texas A&M Today
TTI Launches Smart Intersection Initiative at Texas A&M’s new RELLIS campus — The Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University and the City of College Station are joining forces with seven key private sector companies to help design, develop and test safer, smarter intersections.

May 27 – CB Insights – Blog
Disrupting The Auto Industry – The Startups That Are Unbundling The Car — Startups such as Savari are developing vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-anything (V2X) communications, another autonomous-adjacent technology field.

May 27 – Embedded Computing Design
VIDEO: Savari’s vision for V2X and autonomous driving — At the 2016 NXP FTF in Austin, TX, Embedded Computing Design’s Technology Editor Brandon Lewis interviews Paul Sakamoto, Chief Operations Officer at V2X sensor and software company Savari. The company currently has its technology deployed in V2X test beds and pilots across the country, and here, Paul demonstrates how it can be put to use in a series of active safety scenarios.

May 27 – IoT Design
V2X test beds for faster, cleaner, safer transportation  — Imagine how effective this technology could be in all aspects of transportation if rolled out on a massive scale.

May 23 – The Information
Self-Driving Car Startups to Watch — The autonomous car movement is driving a vast array of startups, many with only a peripheral link to cars.

May 11 – CB Insights
CB Insights: Big Auto’s Startup Bets — Where They’re Investing Across AI, Mapping, Automation, And Materials – We visualize and analyze the private market bets made by auto manufacturers, including the venture arms of GM, BMW, and SAIC.

April 26 –
Savari, Autotalks Providing V2X Solutions to Smart Cities — Savari and Autotalks have partnered to provide V2X solutions for U.S. connected vehicle pilots in smart cities.

April 14 – ScienceDaily
Research team revs up connected-vehicle technology — Connected vehicles are on the horizon, and engineering researchers are making sure they will be able to communicate with one another and with roadway infrastructure.

March 31 – INVERSE
Nissan Is Rolling Out Cars That Talk to Each Other — The cars are outfitted with Savari’s V2X technology and can also communicate with smart roadway intersections.

Nissan, Savari and UC Berkeley make V2X testbed in Sunnyvale — Nissan, Savari Inc,  and UC Berkeley’s Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) collaborated on a real-world V2X testbed spanning 4.63 square miles with three public intersections in Sunnyvale, CA.

March 30 – WIRED
In Kalifornien reden jetzt smarte Autos miteinander — In einem Straßentest sollen Autos im kalifornischen Sunnyvale elektronisch miteinander kommunizieren, um Unfälle zu vermeiden. Das System könnte bei Erfolg in den USA für Neuwagen verpflichtend werden und auch selbstfahrende Autos noch einmal deutlich sicherer machen.

Nissan, partnership con la Berkeley per la tecnologia V2X — Nissan ha avviato una partnership con l’Università di Berkeley per lo sviluppo della tecnologia V2X in contesti urbani reali: le piattaforme per la connessione delle auto ad altri veicoli e alle infrastrutture urbane (ad esempio i semafori) sono state testate a Sunnyvale, cittadina nel cuore della Silicon Valley e “casa” del Nissan Research Center diretto da Maarten Sierhuis.

March 29 – MIT Technology Review
Chatty Cars Are Getting Out on the Road — Car-to-car communication, which may reduce traffic accidents and congestion, is about to undergo testing on roadways in Sunnyvale, California.

March 29 – ABC 7 News
Smart Cars Prompts Silicon Valley To Develop ‘Smart Streets’ — We know cars are getting smarter, but what about the roads they drive on? In one Bay Area city, they are working on making the streets “smarter,” too...

March 29 – EE Times
Is Car-to-Car Talk Done Deal in US — Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technologies collectively known as V2X are leaving the test track and making their way onto public streets.

February 15 – CETECOM
The Open Lab Alliance Launched To Accelerate The Development Of Connected Vehicle And Autonomous Vehicle Technologies — Several partners launched the Open Lab Alliance to accelerate the development of Connected Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle technologies.

January 27 – The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal: Savari Fuels Up With $8 Million to Propel Self-Driving Cars — Dozens of startups are working on automating vehicles–military equipment, farm equipment and the biggest prize of all, cars. But cars won’t be driving themselves unless certain key technologies are in place.


December 9 – USDOT
Small Business Innovation Research Program Makes Crossing the Street Safer

October 26 – LinkedIn
USDOT Considers Smartphone Control of Traffic Lights — That’s no joke. The U.S. Department of Transportation is exploring smartphone control of traffic lights. The agency has allocated funds through its Small Business Innovation Research program for Savari Networks to develop a traffic signal interface app for smartphones.