Savari StreetWAVE
SW2000 C-V2X Road-Side Unit (RSU)

Savari is the leading vendor of DSRC-based RSUs in ITS test beds and commercial applications. The Savari StreetWAVE™ SW2000 is based on the SW1000 DSRC RSU and is capable of providing C-V2X (PC5) as well as DSRC connectivity. It offers multiple configuration options for V2X radios, optional Wi-Fi and GNSS, and is based on the United States Department of Transprotation (USDOT) RSU v4.1a specification. The RSU is based on the industry’s first C-V2X development in close partnership with the leading C-V2X chipset vendor and field tests and demonstrations in partnership with 5GAA and leading Automotive OEMs. Savari RSUs have been used by industry leading test-beds and US-DOT pilots like the Ann-Arbor Safety Pilot Model.

Download RSU data sheet.