The MobiWAVE™ On-Board-Unit (OBU) family of products includes the Vehicle Awareness Device (VAD), the Aftermarket Safety Device (ASD) and the next-generation COTS ASD. Designed to address the needs of the connected vehicle market, the MobiWAVE OBU supports a variety of automotive safety and commercial applications.
MobiWave’s automotive-grade hardware provides a flexible, open platform for deploying Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications such as tolling, mobility and safety. The generic OBU features an automotive-grade dual core 1GHz processor, 1 GB of memory, 8GB on-board storage, multiple radios (DSRC, WiFi, BT and cellular) and a GPS receiver. The OBU can be powered using a range of input voltages (including vehicle 12V and 24V battery).

The next-generation MobiWAVE products have been engineered from the ground up to support a range of scenarios, from a basic Here-I-Am device to ASD, to a COTS-like device supporting a range of applications.

Features include:

  • Supports Fast Boot option
  • Optional battery backup for specialized applications
  • Expandable to incorporate other sensors
  • Supports a variety of connectivity options such as BT, WiFi & Cellular

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